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Betaab Dhadkano Ki Bas TU Hi Gujarish Hai Paas Aake Sun Zara :

Listen to me, Come closer to me, feel my emotions and set free my heart which beats for you.

Sun Zara is very close to my heart, as it was the first poem through which, the real Poet in me was set free. Sun Zara was highly appreciated by my Parents, friends and all my well wishers. It was the success of Sun Zara, which made me to ponder over my writing seriously.

“I don’t know how the poetic soul resided in me,
I don’t know why it went unrecognized until now,
I don’t know how will it be, without Lyrics,
I don’t know why always I believe still there is time,

Answers won’t come, but Now I certainly know, why my heart kept walking restless at nights, Thanks to Everyone who let Sun Zara come true.. Its cause of them, “Poems and Lyrics” have been the capital of my life.

“So now that you have let me have my say,
I request you, now you may speak;
Attentive and at your disposal,
I, in my turn, will listen to you.
Will compose Poems for you on your request.

Poems for any occasions, may it be, a birthday wish or a propose to someone. Poems that will come straight from my heart and will surely touch yours. Please feel free to send your requests.


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